Sunday, April 24, 2005

Coral Gables, Titanic Brewery!

Hi, Just got back from our gig in Coral Gables at Titanic Brewery. It's across the street from the U of Miami .The baseball team had a game last night and incidently they won! The trip down was fine , no traffic problems to speak of . I drove and Erica (my girlfriend) and Automatic John were my passengers. We had a great time together. We also rode back together except I drove and they slept half-way back! good thing I had plenty of music to listen to! The Baymont Inn is where we all stayed in Miami .It was a nice Hotel! The gig went good ,the food was good , but there was some miscommunication between our Manager, Jae and the Titanic Brewery. (Jae will straighten it out). On the way back we stopped and had lunch in Ft. Lauderdale at Shooter's on the Intercoastal waterway.You should have seen some of those yacht's . Unreal!

see ya ,


Friday, April 08, 2005


Well, Rehearsal was last night and I'm still learning new material and the band is showing me some more older stuff. We are doing great and I hope to rich and famous very soon!Some personal stuff, I have been trying to get my air conditioning in my van fixed and those ripoff artist at "Ice cold air " In orlando wanted to change the whole system out for $850.00!! . A co-worker told me of this guy that fixed his a/c and he comes to your house! I called him at 10am and he met me at 11am. After spending 45 mins trying to find the leak, He could not find a significant leak. He then noticed a spot of oil near the accumulater and put a new o-ring in for me ( about 30 cents) and filled my a/c with freon for a grand total of $70.00!! F*** Ice cold air!! Ok, I am also moving in with my girlfriend ERICA as of May 1st! I have been moving things little by little over there. My Roomates just got a toy poodle puppy that is only 5 months old .His name is Mignon. He loves to play and run all over the house . I have been hanging out at Erica's the last few days ,and I was told that Mignon misses his uncle JD! So , I am going over there tomorrow to play !!Sunday ,Erica ,my roomates,a couple of other friends, and myself are going to Church St, Orlando to see a free shoe feturing Peter Frampton.
Anyway, thats it for now!