Friday, April 08, 2005


Well, Rehearsal was last night and I'm still learning new material and the band is showing me some more older stuff. We are doing great and I hope to rich and famous very soon!Some personal stuff, I have been trying to get my air conditioning in my van fixed and those ripoff artist at "Ice cold air " In orlando wanted to change the whole system out for $850.00!! . A co-worker told me of this guy that fixed his a/c and he comes to your house! I called him at 10am and he met me at 11am. After spending 45 mins trying to find the leak, He could not find a significant leak. He then noticed a spot of oil near the accumulater and put a new o-ring in for me ( about 30 cents) and filled my a/c with freon for a grand total of $70.00!! F*** Ice cold air!! Ok, I am also moving in with my girlfriend ERICA as of May 1st! I have been moving things little by little over there. My Roomates just got a toy poodle puppy that is only 5 months old .His name is Mignon. He loves to play and run all over the house . I have been hanging out at Erica's the last few days ,and I was told that Mignon misses his uncle JD! So , I am going over there tomorrow to play !!Sunday ,Erica ,my roomates,a couple of other friends, and myself are going to Church St, Orlando to see a free shoe feturing Peter Frampton.
Anyway, thats it for now!




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