Sunday, May 22, 2005

Orange blossom music fest.

Rain, rain, rain! It was kind of a mess. Erica and I went out there together and after it rained most of the way there ,I made a wrong turn and Erica straightend me out after 5 min's . We got there and some of the stages were closed there was plenty of mud for everyone! All the bands were cool and we all played our sets as best we could . We played only 30 mins. Just when we were about to start it rained again,but the show went on.There weren't many people there and I felt sorry for Phil and Dana that the tunout was not good . They work so hard! I had a good time ,a few beers, and some food that our group brought. It is now 1:13 am and Erica and I stopped at Taco Bell on the way home! Well, we are tired now



Sunday, May 15, 2005

Trip to Englewood, Fl

I had a good time in Englewood, Fl. The people were very nice and really got into us!I drove and Erica and Bunky rode with me. Bunky and I talked about band stuff and we learned about each other . It was very interesting and fun! Erica and Bunky also talked and they never get to talk about personal stuff. They also got to learn about each other on this trip. The food was awesome too!

till next trip,


Monday, May 09, 2005

Alligator alley, Ft Lauderdale, FL

Well, we are back in O-town! I had a great time , good food , and great company on the ride down and back! I drove and Erica and Automatic John rode with me . We had a good time and we were roomies for the night ! The gig was fun and everybody loved the band . Jack Barnes Opened (New World Order ) and he told me we were his new favorite band ! He told Jae he might try to steal me for himself! She said to him " Over my dead body"! Anyway, He gave me the greatest compliment by saying I was in the top 5 drummers he's ever seen! I appreciated that! He is no slouch himself! He is a very good guitar player/ Singer. I hope to play with him again soon!

See ya ,


Monday, May 02, 2005

C J's and Moving !

Well , It's Monday night at 9pm and I'm just getting back to normal after Moving my house and Erica's second floor apt to a first floor 2bd ,2bath apt.Erica and I would like to thank Bing, John, Randy and Ann, for helping us out on sat before the gig! We would also like to thank Mike K . (My co-worker and friend ) for the 9 hrs He spent helping me move all the BIG furniture to the new place . The gig at CJ's went o.k for me I was really dead tired and didn't have the energy I usually put into a show.Erica and I are now in the new place and still finding room for stuff, unpacking boxes, and we bought a new computer desk today which I assembled this afternoon and am now using to write this blog.

see ya soon ,