Tuesday, July 12, 2005

last sat .night party and jam session.

Sat night we had a party/jam session, to send off for Randy and Ann for their wedding and vacation. A couple other musicians jammed with us and there was plenty of food and drink.Bing played the new song he is working on "Monster" When he came back after dropping off Jae at 11:30 or so! It has potential to be a "Radio air play" song. Bing wrote in his blog, that we didn't seem enthusiastic and that the party ended abruptly!after he played the song. Well, we are at a "party" not a gig and we already had jammed for a few hours. Bunky was tired ,I was tired, Erica had a broken tow and it was HOT and muggy .It was around midnight when we left. Erica and I arrived about 7pm and had things to do on sunday. I think Bing thought we were not interested in the song but we were just TIRED! That's all!Anyway things are fine,but I do need some time off right now to regroup.




Blogger Bing Futch said...

What's up J.D.! Man, you post more than I do. HAH! Anyway, I never wrote that y'all didn't seem "enthusiastic", I wrote that there seemed to be a polarizing effect when I played the song. You and Erica liked it and I could tell you were tired, Bunky had already left, John and Renee' were quite vocal about how they loved it. That was one half of the polarization. The other half was one of complete and total silence on the matter, which is telling, and that's the bigger question in my head: what was it about the song that caused such a lack of reaction? Keep in mind that I submitted the song as I do with all the tunes I demo out, I handed out discs and mentioned that this was one I had just written. (I've actually gone back and redone quite a bit of it.) But as you can tell, it's not exactly a "Mohave" song, although it could be once everyone gets their hands on it. I really wrote it, one) out of reaction to the London bombings and two) to start practicing writing shamefully commercial songs so that I can get my songwriting career (writing for other people) jump-started. I have my suspicions about why the response was the way it was, but it actually doesn't matter so much. What matters is the reality behind what those reactions might represent - a corner we're all going to have to turn sooner or later!

Sounds ominous, don't it? LOL!

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